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Introduction At maxSIMhealth, we’ve been playing around a lot with the Ultimaker S5 3D-Printers to support our graduate research work, […]
Introduction When Julia and I want to take a break from writing our theses, we both agree that pouring silicone […]
My first simulation, I took a photo of a lower extremity injury from the internet, printed it in color, and […]
Optimizing Crisis Resource Management to Improve Patient Safety and Team Performance helps acute care professionals optimize their crisis resource management skills […]
Check out the SimMan Heart Rhythm/Sound Combinations technician cheat sheet, kindly provided by Trevor Snow, Simulation Technologist from Eastern Health. Thanks to SimEd – Simulation […]
What can you contribute to SimEd? Based in Australia, SimEd aims to provide high-quality resources for clinicians, educators, students, technicians […]
The best simulations don’t happen in isolation – there are activities beforehand and afterwards to ensure knowledge is understood, set […]
The shift from time-based to competency-based curricula for health care professionals is widely underway. Watch this video. The shift from time-based to […]
The International Pediatric Simulation Society (IPSS) offers a free online resource with current and topical lectures on simulation-based education. Looking for a […]
Purchase an adult female patient simulator that can function as both a realistic maternity patient & a high-fidelity, non-pregnant female patient, […]
The best way to learn how to safely apply ultrasound-guided placements is to learn with state-of-the-art simulation trainers. It’s the wave of the future […]
Tips on how to simulate facial burns, burned-off eyebrows, and soot. Smoke inhalation is the leading cause of death in fires. It […]
It’s not hard to come up with a research idea or question – but is it worth researching? Here are […]
It’s easy to create gel effects from common ingredients. Here’s how: Gel effects is a popular medium in medical and […]
In simulations, fragments embedded in wounds should be realistic but lightweight, non-toxic, and without sharp edges. Fragments are produced by […]
Many brands of stage blood are coloured with FD & C Red #40 food colouring. Here are a few points […]
Looking for quick updates on clinical teaching skills? The Centre for Faculty Development at St. Michael’s Hospital offers free, short […]
A good debrief should be set in a safe and positive environment where the facilitator allows the learners to reflect […]
No matter how a simulation goes, the simulation facilitator can always mine the experience for nuggets of educational gold tied […]
Always make sure that learning objectives are clearly set first and then create the scenario, to avoid confusion about learning […]
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