Get a Female Manikin that is Two Patients in One

Purchase an adult female patient simulator that can function as both a realistic maternity patient & a high-fidelity, non-pregnant female patient, for OB/GYN simulation scenarios.

If your simulation centre trains learners in OB/GYN simulation scenarios (or, your center already has a maternal-fetal simulator), heed this smart tip: Purchase an adult female patient simulator that can function as both a realistic maternity patient AND a high-fidelity, non-pregnant female patient.

To ensure the optimum in fiscal accountability and year-round utility, this makes the best sense. It’s been widely recognized that many simulation programs have their spending restricted by limited funding. All too often, these institutions will forego the purchase of a high-fidelity patient simulator for a manikin of lesser quality and, if it’s a male adult simulator, they’ll throw a wig on his head, slap on some lipstick and switch out the genitaila to make him look like a female (and not a very convincing one, at that). Still, other centres that own a childbirth simulator find that they only get to use the expensive unit during the maternity rotation cycle of a complete academic year. What a waste.

The best tip we can offer simulation training centres is to obtain a female patient simulator that can function “year-round” as both an obstetrical and standard female patient. Get one that fulfills all stages of labour and birth (as well as rare complications), but one that also fully supports mechanical ventilation, has advanced CPR metrics, and can train learners on various non-birthing scenarios. This way, you’ll not only get a realistic maternal-fetal simulator, but if you get the CAE Fidelis Lucina (with the new, optional female patient module), you’ll have the added benefit of a non-pregnant abdomen and Five Simulated Clinical Experiences (from sepsis with hypotension to hypovolemic shock). What’s more: CAE Healthcare is offering to trade your current childbirth simulator for Lucina.

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Here’s some additional information for this Tip: Read more about the CAE Fidelis Lucina simulator and the additional Five (5) Simulated Clinical Experiences (SCEs), including:

• Chronic Heart Failure Exacerbation;
• Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome;
• Sepsis with Hypotension;
• Brain Attack with Thrombolytic Therapy; and
• Motor Vehicle Collision with Hypovolemic Shock.

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