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Following a 2-year hiatus due to pandemic restrictions, we’re pleased to announce the return of the SIM Expo! Join Canada’s passionate, interprofessional healthcare simulation community and world-leading experts at the 2022 SIM Expo!

The 2022 SIM Expo will be held on October 17-18 in Toronto, Ontario, at the Delta Hotel, located in the heart of the downtown core.

SIM Expo is Canada’s interprofessional and multidisciplinary simulation conference.

Innovation & Inclusion:
Diversity and Simulation for the Future

In 2019, we were overwhelmed with the excitement, positivity, optimism, and collegiality of Canada’s simulation community in Montreal. We are most eager to return to learn, share, connect and capture what the simulation community has experienced and advanced over the last 2 years – which has propelled simulation to the forefront of healthcare education.

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2022 Theme

Innovation & Inclusion: Diversity and Simulation for the Future

Though the past 2 years have brought unprecedented challenges, they have also spurred change and innovation. We see increased diversity in the types and ways simulation is used, and also more representation within simulations, with goals of inclusivity, equity and decolonization. At this year’s SIM Expo, we celebrate these innovations, share lessons learned, and discuss how all this learning builds a new future for simulation.

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Sunday, October 16 – Pre-Expo

10:00am – 3:00pmWorkshop offered by Ontario Tech University:
Transformative learning: What does it mean for Medical Laboratory Science?
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Keynote Speakers

We are excited and honoured to announce this year’s keynote speakers!

Monday, Oct 17

New Frontiers: Important Conversations in Simulation Right Now

What does the future hold for simulation? In March 2020, the COVID 19 pandemic arrived, and simultaneously, virtual simulation was catapulted to the forefront of teaching and learning strategies for educators Since then, many discussions have emerged about the reimagination of healthcare education through simulation. In this presentation we fill focus on the following questions: How do we get the right balance between virtual and in-person simulation? What are the newest and best strategies for embedding virtual simulation effectively in curriculum?  Does science support the many modalities of simulation we now have at our fingertips? What faculty development is needed for educators? In this interactive presentation, you will have a chance to share your thoughts on the opportunities and challenges for simulation in education. 

Sandra Goldsworthy


Professor, School of Nursing
Teaching Chair Online and Virtual Experiences
Nipissing University, North Bay, ON Canada

Dr. Sandra Goldsworthy is a nurse education leader who is recognized as an international simulation and critical care expert, researcher and author. She is the recipient of the International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation in Learning (INACSL) Excellence in Research Award and the Canadian Nurses’ Association Order of Merit in Education.

Dr. Goldsworthy has over 70 peer reviewed publications and frequently presents her research nationally and internationally. She has held a Research Professorship in Simulation from 2015-2019 at the University of Calgary. She is a member of several national and international committees including her roles as Director of Education for the World Federation of Critical Care Nurses Association and Co-chair of the CASN Simulation Interest Group.

Dr. Goldsworthy is passionate about improving patient safety and provider preparation through simulation. Her research program focuses on the impact of simulation in building competence in recognition and response to the deteriorating patient, reduction of medication errors and improving health team communication competencies through interprofessional simulation education.

Margaret Verkuyl


Professor, Nursing
Centennial College, Toronto, ON Canada

Margaret Verkuyl is a nurse practitioner and nursing professor at Centennial College for over 17 years. Since 2013, she has been a prominent leader in developing and researching virtual simulations and interactive e-textbooks. Her virtual gaming simulations have become pervasive in nursing education globally.

More recently, she developed an open access Virtual Healthcare Experience consisting of 11 virtual gaming simulations that have had over 2 million plays! She provides support and tools for others who are creating virtual simulations and interactive textbooks. In addition, she authored two open educational resources on how to embed virtual simulations effectively in curriculum.

She has received numerous prestigious awards: such as the 2020 INACSL Academic Leadership Excellence Award; 2018 INACSL Research Excellence Award; Hayden Vanguard Lectureship; and the Society for Simulation in Healthcare’s 2021 Article of Influence. She has published numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals and authored books. In addition, her work is disseminated at national and international conferences.

Tuesday, Oct 18

Intent, Impact, Harm and Action. Understanding Bias, Discrimination and Racism in Healthcare and Simulation

Learning Objectives:

  • Define concepts of bias and discrimination including racism
  • Explore how bias and discrimination affect health care outcomes
  • Introduce concepts of cultural humility and critical allyship as tools to combat discrimination
  • Introduce ideas for embedding these concepts into simulation

Saroo Sharda


Faculty, Department of Anesthesia
McMaster University, Hamilton, ON Canada

Dr. Saroo Sharda is an anesthesiologist, medical educator, writer and trained creative writing coach. She identifies as a woman of colour of North Indian descent, who has the privilege of being cis-gender, straight, able-bodied and economically privileged.

She is an advocate for physician wellness, equity and antiracism, and has written and spoken widely about these topics, including publications in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, British Medical Journal, Anesthesiology, The Globe and Mail and Today’s Parent.

Dr. Sharda is the inaugural Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Lead at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, where she has led cross-organizational work to embed an EDI and antiracist lens into complaints processes, policy work and ongoing education of committee and Council. Dr. Sharda is also the Chair of the Physician Wellness Committee at the Canadian Anesthesiologists’ Society.

She holds a Masters and Fellowship in Medical Education. Her work is rooted in theories of power, hierarchy and identity formation. She teaches simulation in her role as a Faculty member in the Department of Anesthesia at McMaster University, with a specific focus on interprofessional simulation.

Dr. Sharda has presented and taught on EDI in the context of healthcare at a variety of national and international organisations and conferences. She has been described as a “gifted”, “insightful” and “excellent” facilitator, and is able to guide groups through challenging and brave conversations. She was recently awarded the Pauline Alakija trailblazer award for her EDI work.

When not writing or working she works hard to avoid stepping on lego pieces strewn around the house by her 6 year old and 9 year old sons.

SIM Awards

Congratulations to the 2022 nominees of the SIM Citizenship Award and SIM Innovator Award. Join us in celebrating their achievements, commitment and passion of the individuals and organizations who lead the way.

The SIM awards are peer-nominated and peer-reviewed awards that celebrate the very best in our community.

The SIM Awards will be presented at the 2022 SIM Expo in October.

SIM Citizenship Award

This award is generously sponsored by Gaumard.

This award recognizes simulationists across Canada who have made incredible contributions in the field of healthcare simulation. It honours those who have made an outstanding impact on building the simulation community, education, creative professional activities, advocacy, research, and other endeavours. The award celebrates collaborative and dedicated simulationists who have advocated for and championed simulation in their communities. Importantly, this award recognizes leading simulationists who may not be otherwise celebrated through more traditional academic awards.

2022 Nominees:

  • Adam Dubrowski, Phd • Professor, Ontario Tech University
  • Hugo Marchand, RN, BN, CCNE • Director, Satoko Shibata Clinical Nursing Laboratories, Faculty Lecturer, McGill University – Ingram School of Nursing
  • Margaret Verkuyl, NP-PHC, MN • Professor, Nursing, Centennial College

SIM Innovator Award

This award is generously sponsored by HIROC.

The SIM Innovator Award is a national award that recognizes an organization that has demonstrated exceptional commitment to innovate, advocate and advance simulation for education, patient safety and/or quality improvement.

This award will celebrate an organization at the leading edge of integrating simulation into their activities, using simulation-based strategies to disrupt the status quo and profoundly improve education and/or patient care.

2022 Nominees:

  • Corporate Nursing Education Team, The Ottawa Hospital • Ottawa, ON
    • For integrating simulation into their hospital’s strategic pillar aimed at innovating and educating healthcare professionals to provide world-class, safe patient care, including into a new onboarding program for RPNs, internal simulation training for nurse educators, and in-situ simulations for system improvement.
  • University of Manitoba, College of Nursing • Winnipeg, MB
    • For their advocacy to obtain provincial nursing regulatory body approval to replace 50% of clinical time with simulation and virtual simulation learning; restructuring their curriculum to integrate many forms of simulation, including virtual simulation, virtual reality, and tele-simulation; developing new virtual simulations (including ones addressing Indigenous health needs and vaccine hesitancy); and thereby building the capacity to increase enrolment by 50%.
  • Université de Montréal, Centre d’Expertise en Simulation en Santé • Montréal et Laval, QC
    • Pour avoir élargi son programme de simulation de telle sorte qu’il comprend 33 % de la pédagogie infirmière de premier cycle et une grande partie de la formation supérieure et continue ; innover dans l’utilisation de la simulation virtuelle, de la réalité virtuelle, de la vidéo à 360 degrés, des WAVE et de la simulation interprofessionnelle ; attirer l’attention internationale de la francophonie ; ses réalisations en recherche sur la simulation ; et ses contributions de leadership au projet Virtu-AIT.


Please be advised that we require registration in advance of the conference as on-site registration is very limited. This is to ensure efficient check-in for day of. Any on-site registration will be held to the fees noted below.

Regular Individual members save 20% Organizational members save 25%
Full 2-Day (Oct 17 & 18) $525 $420
save $105
save 131.25
1-Day (Oct 17 or 18) $300 $240 $225
2-Day – Resident/Post-Grad* $380 $304 $285
2-Day – Student** $250 $200 $187.50
* Must be a full-time healthcare resident or graduate student. Proof of full-time residency or student enrolment is required upon check-in at the event. Tickets are limited.
** Must be a full-time student in a university undergraduate or a college level program. Proof of full-time residency or student enrolment is required upon check-in at the event. Tickets are limited.

Sales taxes will be added to all registration fees.

Members: Please contact us via [email protected] for the registration discount code.

On-Site Registration (limited)

Regular Individual members save 20% Organizational members save 25%
Day-of registration at Expo 2-Day (Oct 17 & 18) $725 $580 $543.75
Day-of registration at Expo 1-Day (Oct 17 or 18) $362.50 $290 $271.87

Sales taxes will be added to all registration fees.

Refund policy: Attendees can request registration refunds up to 30 days before the Expo start. After this time, refunds are not possible. Please contact [email protected] for refund requests. Should the event be cancelled by Simulation Canada due to public health restrictions, a full refund of the registration fee only will be provided. If registrants are denied entry to the event for non-compliance with public health measures as described above, no refund shall be provided.

Health and Safety Plan – Updated

Most of the attendees of the SIM Expo work in either a clinical or educational setting, where an outbreak of Covid could have serious consequences. To reduce the risk of infection spread at the SIM Expo, the following policies are currently in place. They are subject to change, and we will continue to notify registrants. 

Vaccine status. Simulation Canada strongly recommends/encourages that all attendees to be fully vaccinated to attend the SIM Expo (see public health requirements below). Please note that we have been informed that Delta Hotel staff are almost 100% vaccinated as a requirement to be able to work.  

Updated: This is a masked event. Masking continues to be an essential part of Simulation Canada’s response to the ongoing pandemic. All attendees are strongly encouraged to wear a disposable surgical (or better) face mask while on the premises of the SIM Expo. Disposable masks will be available if needed. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own. Cloth masks are not accepted. Please note that the Delta’s policy for their staff is that masks are optional; we are strongly encouraging their use.

Meals. Attendees are permitted to remove masks at mealtime. We will allow attendees to bring their meal to alternate spaces (the foyer, breakout rooms, and outdoors where possible) to reduce density in the plenary room. 

Capacity and density. We are limiting registration numbers to allow greater spacing within the plenary room. Attendees will be seated at tables of 8 rather than 10 people. Breakout rooms have a reduced capacity of 30 attendees. 

Hand hygiene and cleaning. The Delta Hotel will offer hand sanitizing stations throughout the property and has increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfection, particularly in areas with high traffic including restrooms, elevators, and escalators. Simulation Canada will have hand sanitizers at each table rounds as well. 

Public health requirements. Due to the ongoing pandemic and other public health issues, Simulation Canada will be adhering to all guidelines and restrictions set by local Toronto Public Health and the Province of Ontario as well as any additional measures outlined by Delta Hotel Toronto. All attendees must comply with all public health requirements, including vaccine and mask mandates, in place at the time of the event. Simulation Canada will closely monitor guidelines and will communicate any current measures and changes to all attendees of the conference. 

Pandemic-related cancellation & refund policy. Attendees can request registration refunds up to 30 days before the Expo start. After this time, refunds are not possible. Please contact [email protected] for refund requests which are assess on a case-by-case basis. Should the event be cancelled by Simulation Canada due to public health restrictions, a full refund of the registration fee only will be provided. Simulation Canada is not responsible for any external cancellations (travel, hotel etc.). If registrants are denied entry to the event for non-compliance with mandated public health measures at the time of the event, no refund shall be provided. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us directly at [email protected].


Abstract submissions are now closed. Please see the program for all the fantastic sessions that will be offered this year.

For a closer look at all the abstracts being presented at the 2022 SIM Expo, head over to our abstract management site Ex Ordo HERE.

Note: Presenters of all accepted abstracts must register for the SIM Expo. A 10% discount will be offered to presenters – any organizational or individual member can contact us directly for greater discounts. Authors attending but not presenting can register using the regular rate. Any authors not attending need not register.

Exhibitors & Sponsors

We have always considered the simulation and healthcare education industries to be an important part of the simulation community in Canada. This comes to life at the SIM Expo, which is a wonderful hybrid of academic conference, industry exhibition, and networking event.

SIM Expo is different than other sim conferences in how we integrate industry – both physically (with booths in the plenary space and immediately outside) and into the program (exhibitors can submit abstracts for certain types of presentations).

Being back in Toronto, we expect many participants from the region, in addition to the attendees from across Canada who join us year after year.

Who comes to the SIM Expo?

The SIM Expo is Canada’s largest and interprofessional simulation conference. We have welcomed 250-350 attendees in previous years. At the last SIM Expo (2019 in Montréal) we welcomed:

  • Attendees from 125 different university faculties, colleges, Cégeps, hospitals, and stakeholder organizations (not including industry);
  • Approximately 1/3 were from universities, 1/3 from colleges and 1/3 from hospitals or emergency services;
  • 30% of participants had decision-making authority (VPs, deans, directors, managers);
  • 16 professions were represented, with nursing and medicine being the largest.


Exhibitor applications are now closed. Contact us at [email protected].

Travel & Accommodation

This year’s Expo is kindly being hosted by Toronto’s enthusiastic simulation community.

The 2022 SIM Expo will be at the Delta Hotel in downtown Toronto. The hotel is right downtown, within a block of the CN Tower, the Toronto Aquarium, the Rogers Centre and Scotiabank Arena. It is a short walk to Toronto’s famous entertainment district with its broadway shows, to the fashion district of Queen Street West, and to the scenic waterfront on Lake Ontario.

Delta Toronto Hotel


We have secured a special group rate at the Detla Hotel Toronto for the duration of the conference at $289 CAD/night + applicable taxes. This special rate is only available between the Sunday October 16, to Tuesday October 18, 2022 inclusive and must be booked by September 15, 2022. Other rates will apply should you wish to extend your stay.  To reserve, please follow to this LINK. (Rooms are subject to availability).

Parking: Underground parking is available at the Delta Hotel (entrance off of Lower Simcoe). Valet parking is available for Delta Toronto guests. Note – all parking is not reimbursed or covered by Simulation Canada and pay by own. Alternative parking can be found in the area here.


AIR CANADA: Enjoy a 10% discount on eligible fares exclusive to the 2022 SIM Expo. Booking to be made to Toronto all airports, YTZ,YYZ (ON). Travel period begins Monday, October 10, 2022 and ends Tuesday, October 25, 2022. To book a flight with your promotion code, access and enter the promotion code TPDEUGT1 in the search panel.

PORTER AIRLINES:  Porter Airlines is proud to offer a 10% discount on available base fares (with the exception of the lowest class fare during a public seat sale) for travel to and from the 2022 SIM Expo. The discounted fares are available for travel from March 31, 2022 to October 19, 2022. Please book online at or through your travel agent using promo code “SIM22”.  Porter offers complimentary in-flight snacks and beverages (including beer and wine), Gate Porter service for carry-on and access to the Porter Lounge in Toronto where free Wi-Fi and comfortable, leather seating is available. The promo code is intended for use by conference attendees and organizers and is not meant for distribution outside of authorized channels. Porter’s fare rules and conditions apply.

VIA RAIL: Get 10% off the best available fare in Economy, Economy Plus, Business, Business Plus, Sleeper class. Valid October 15th to October 20th from all stations throughout the VIA system to Toronto, Ontario and return. Applies to a maximum of two passengers per booking. Subject to the conditions and restrictions of the fare plan to which the additional discount is being applied. Discount does not apply in any Escape fares and Prestige Class. One complimentary stopover is allowed at no additional charge. For travel on all fare plans in Business class, the first stopover is allowed at no additional charge, provided that this stopover takes place in Toronto, Montreal or Ottawa only. Participants must reference the event’s VIA convention discount code 14226. To book online, log in to your profile, or create one prior to booking. On the Passenger information screen, select “Convention fare” from the “Discount Type” drop-down menu, and enter the discount code for your convention or event in the “Discount code” field.

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