Keystones of Healthcare Simulation – Certificate Program

The Keystones of Healthcare Simulation is a certificate program designed for learners who are interested in a more immersive experience in healthcare simulation. This program supports participants in developing their careers as simulationists, in roles such as educators, leaders, scholars and faculty developers. The Keystones experience is grounded in networking and collaboration. Connections made within this program will be nurtured to further develop practice within the simulation community.

Like all of Simulation Canada’s educational offerings, The Keystones of Healthcare Simulation is an all inclusive program, meant for all healthcare professionals as well individuals interested in simulation. Upon completion of this program, Keystones participants should be able to:

  • Describe several simulation methods for teaching in a variety of contexts
  • Describe some of the theoretical bases for simulation
  • Demonstrate newly acquired knowledge, skills and attitude in the use of simulation
  • Demonstrate enhanced facilitation skills for the conducting of simulations
  • Acquire a positive attitude towards implementing and initiating change and incorporation of interactive and experiential simulation techniques into their teaching
  • Identify the ways in which simulation can be used for academic scholarship
  • Describe a strategy for implementation of their own career development plan

Launched in 2017, the Keystones Apex course is an intensive in-person session or online program that covers all coursework required for a Keystones Certificate. We host these courses several times per year. To meet the demands of our community, we re-formatted this course to an online hybrid and asynchronous version in 2020. Visit Keystones Apex online certificate program.

Looking to take the next step in advancing your simulation career? Our NEW program Advanced Keystones has launched. Find out more HERE!

Registration & Requirements

Program registration

To register for the Keystones of Healthcare Simulation certificate program, please contact us directly.

Application deadline

Submissions are accepted throughout the year.

Program requirements

To obtain this unique certificate, participants are required to enrol and complete three foundational Simulation Canada courses over the course of two academic years (or complete a single Keystones Apex course), plus submit a reflection paper. As of 2020, to obtain the certificate, participants are required to enrol and complete the Keystones Apex online course.


Keystones allows you to choose your own path and customize the program to what you need to obtain your certificate.

Select from:

— OR —

Complete all coursework for the Keystones Certificate by participating in the Keystones Apex course.

Reflection paper

Keystones participants must write one reflection paper (1500 words) upon completion of the course(s) about their overall Keystones experience and their experiences in the simulation field. Further instructions and a guide will be provided.

Objectives of the reflection:

  • Reflect on your experiences in the keystones program and how they will be integrated into your teaching practice.
  • Describe how these experiences have changed and/or challenged your thinking & assumptions about simulation education.
  • Identify new perspectives and awareness regarding the simulation and its impact on the learner.

In addition to the above, participants may be offered leadership opportunities as adjunct faculty for future courses.

Intended participants

The Keystones is an interprofessional program. Individuals with clinical, educational, administrative, research and creative backgrounds are encouraged to apply.


Does Simulation Canada recognize external training/experiences as credit towards certification?

Yes. Candidates can request Simulation Canada to review learning and experience outside of the Simulation Canada offerings that can be considered as credit towards certificate programs. This gives learners the opportunity to be examined in, and receive credit for, a recognized Simulation Canada course, without meeting the normal requirements of enrollment, attendance, and instruction.

A successful Course Credit is recorded on the candidate’s record.

The Simulation Canada team will examine each request individually.

Not all courses are available for consideration. The external courses/training presented to Simulation Canada will be considered but are not guaranteed to be acceptable as suitable for certain offerings.

One course may be granted towards a certificate program. The other requirements for a certificate will still be required for completion of the program (e.g. papers, presentations, projects).

Please contact [email protected] for further information.

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