Virtu-WIL is a project led by Colleges and Institutes Canada in collaboration with Simulation Canada that uses virtual simulations to enhance healthcare education. Educators across the country have access to over 185 virtual simulations designed to give students in nursing, medical laboratory sciences, sonography, and paramedicine innovative hands-on learning experiences and to acquire practical competencies.

All simulations are free for Canadian educators and students, and many are accessible globally.

About the collection

These virtual simulations are simulated clinical experiences created by Canadian educators and based on defined pedagogical objectives. Most simulations are intended to be run on a computer and accessed by a two-dimensional screen, though some require a virtual reality headset. In each simulation, students (alone or in groups) are presented with a clinical situation to investigate and assess, and then receive feedback on their decisions. All simulations have been peer-reviewed and piloted through the Virtu-WIL project.

The simulations are indexed and can be searched by authors, title, topics and learning objectives. Use these simulations to enhance your curriculum!

Note: A free Simulation Canada website account is required to access the simulation materials.

Access the materials! The Virtu-WIL collection is an open educational resource (OER) initiative dedicated to empowering Canadian educators. You can request access to source materials including node maps, simulation scripts, decision points, and more, in order to adapt these simulations. Please note that the material available may differ by scenario. If you’re looking to access the simulations, please use the “access the collection” button above.

The Virtu-WIL project was funded by the Government of Canada.



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