Free digital tools to enhance pre/post-sim

The best simulations don’t happen in isolation – there are activities beforehand and afterwards to ensure knowledge is understood, set expectations, model expert behaviour, and encourage reflection and integration of new learning. Here are some easy-to-use, free, web-based tools to enhance some pre- or post-sim activities.

These ideas and reviews of apps are courtesy of the Emerging Ed Tech blog – full story and more resources at

Add questions on top of YouTube videos with EduCanon.

Assemble multiple web resources or sites into a focussed lesson with LessonPaths or Blendspace.

Add a private group discussion around a piece of digital content (like a video or website) with Tackk.

Build a short lesson around an online video (e.g. add supplementary content, a quiz, discussion, etc.) with

Quickly poll students in real-time or put together a full quiz with Socrative.

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