Facilitating Simulations at a Distance (Telesimulation)

Many organizations are facilitating live manikin- or SP-based simulations over virtual platforms (Zoom, etc.). Here, we are collecting advice and resources for planning and facilitating experiential learning at a distance. If you know of a good resource we should include, please leave a comment below or contact us!

Self-learning course available! Simulation Canada’s micro-course: Sim by Webconference – Facilitating Virtually. Previous live sessions are archived and available for asynchronous learning from some of Canada’s leaders in telesimulation. Details & Registration >



Facilitation, Briefing & Debriefing

Resuscitation & Acute Care

Working With Standardized Patients

Interprofessional Simulation

University of Minnesota: Webinar – Interprofessional Online Simulation in COVID-19 Response

Video Platforms

In addition to Zoom, Google Meetings, GoTo, etc.

  • WeVu – Canadian cloud platform for sharing video asynchronously in groups, with time-specific comments – for ongoing, remote debriefing and dialogue.
  • Reacts – Canadian platform for distance coaching, debriefing and augmented reality

Industry Solutions

Our resources during the pandemic:

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