Supporting Distance Learning, Telesimulation, and Virtual Simulations

This is an unprecedented time. For some in simulation – especially in hospitals – the demands are greater than ever for just-in-time simulations. For those in the education sector, we know you are adapting quickly to support students, academically and psychologically, and are moving creatively to support distance learning, implement virtual simulations, and plan for sim lab re-opening with physical distancing.

More than ever, it is important to come together to help each other.

On this page:

  • Virtual Simulations
  • Facilitating Simulations at a Distance (Telesimulation)
  • COVID-19 Sims

There are several supports we have set up to help with this. If you have other ideas or requests, please contact us!

Connect With Others

As issues, options, resources and solutions are evolving so quickly, sometimes it is most helpful to connect with others.


We are organizing occasional webinars on key issues as they emerge. If you have a request please contact us. Webinar recordings on specific issues are included in the sections below.

SIM Chat

Our free SIM Chat platform is a great way to connect asynchronously to share successes and ask for advice. There is a channel specific to #COVID and another for #virtual sims, but any of the topic channels can be used to discuss solutions. SIM Chat is free and open to anyone.
Access SIM Chat >

Virtual Simulations

We know many people are looking into virtual simulations or virtual patient platforms that enable distance learning. Many vendors are offering free or discounted trials. We are compiling a list of platforms as we identify them. If there’s a platform we are missing, please let us know.
List of Virtual Simulation Platforms >


Facilitating Simulations at a Distance (Telesimulation)

Many organizations are facilitating live manikin- or SP-based simulations over virtual platforms (zoom, etc.). We are collecting advice and resources on a dedicated page.
Facilitating Simulations at a Distance >

COVID-19 Simulations

If you are looking for any simulation scenarios – whether for in-person or virtual learning, whether for system testing or for individual/team learning, we are compiling resources we find on a special web page.
COVID-19 Sim Resources >

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