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Transfusion Reaction Investigation

Contributed on July 4, 2022, last updated February 10, 2023.



Emily Chen, British Columbia Institute of Technology

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A patient is brought to the E.R. and will be in need of a post-operative blood transfusion. The transfusion is halted when the patient begins to display symptoms indicative of a transfusion reaction. A transfusion reaction protocol is initiated. You will take the role of a Medical Laboratory Technologist working in the Transfusion Medicine Lab.

Learning Objectives:

Recognize and troubleshoot unexpected staining results.

Simulation Modality:

Virtual gaming simulation / virtual patient


This simulation’s scenario and script were formally peer-reviewed by two external institutions, then the final simulation was pilot tested by several students on a student testing committee then as part of the Virtu-WIL Student Program’s rollout.


059, Affinity Learning, Lab procedures


Chen E. Transfusion Reaction Investigation. Simulation resource published by Simulation Canada; 2022. Available from

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Target Learners




Medical Laboratory Science


Undergraduate / post-secondary

Fields / Disciplines:

Transfusion Science

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