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Transfusion Medicine: Antibody Investigation

Contributed on July 31, 2023, last updated September 29, 2023.



Tammy Hardie BA. MLT. CAE., Kal Randhawa MEd. MLT., Michelle Wong BSc. BMLSc. MLT.

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In this simulated scenario you are an MLT student on your Clinical Rotation in the Transfusion Medicine Laboratory of a major hospital, working alongside a preceptor. The preceptor will provide you with access to all the necessary resources including: a Laboratory Information System (LIS), Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), reagents, equipment, and a patient sample with a common antibody. Before you begin, the preceptor will start by asking you questions to review the relevant theory. If the questions are answered appropriately, you can proceed with testing the patient samples.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe the purpose of the antibody screen and how positive results contribute to the identification process.
  2. Explain why patient history regarding transfusion, pregnancy, age, ethnicity, and diagnosis helps in the process of antibody identification.
  3. Describe the steps involved in antibody identification.
  4. Interpret Results for: Type and Screen including ABO/Rh Typing and Antibody Screen, Antibody Panel, Antibody Panel Interpretation, Red Cell Phenotyping.

Simulation Modality:

Virtual gaming simulation / virtual patient


This simulation’s scenario and script were formally peer-reviewed by two external institutions, then the final simulation was pilot tested by several students on a student testing committee then as part of the Virtu-WIL Student Program’s rollout.




Hardie T, Randhawa K, Wong M. Transfusion Medicine: Antibody Investigation. Simulation resource published by Simulation Canada; 2023. Available from

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Target Learners




Medical Laboratory Science


Undergraduate / post-secondary

Fields / Disciplines:

Transfusion Science

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