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Newborn Virtual Simulation

Contributed on May 19, 2021, last updated July 20, 2022.



Kelly Hudder, RN, MScN, CHSE, Trent University
Kate Bushuk, RN, MScN, Markhum Stouffville Hospital

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This maternal/child resource is aimed to support learning for the undergraduate nursing student in any nursing program. The simulation is intended to promote the development of clinical judgement skills through a safe learning environment. The virtual simulation is for students to practice and reflect on newborn assessments while critically analyzing the scenario and completing a clinical pathway.
The serious game utilizes audio/video clips and questioning to progress and reveal a pathway. Students will be required to perform a head-to-toe assessment of a newborn, which will include heart rate as well as respiratory rate. Upon completion of the virtual simulation all learners are required to complete a debriefing activity to enhance learning and reflect in, on and beyond action.

Learning Objectives:

Identify the critical components of a neonatal assessment and demonstrate best practice for conducting vital signs and head-to-toe assessment on a newborn.
Identify the changes that occur during the transition from intrauterine to extra uterine life and potential complications.
Identify respiratory deterioration of a neonate and comprehend the implications for health and safety.
Critically analyze situations, identify when assistance is required and implement interventions in a safe, timely and collaborative manner.
Document patient interactions, assessments and interventions appropriately.

Simulation Modality:

Video, Virtual gaming simulation / virtual patient


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I am currently analyzing the research gather from this simulation last Fall (2019) and Winter (2020).  Once campus is re-opened I will continue with my research on this Virtual simulation.  I hope to have an article published by the end of the summer on preliminary finding.


Hudder K, Bushuk K. Newborn Virtual Simulation. Simulation resource published by Simulation Canada; 2021. Available from

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Target Learners






Undergraduate / post-secondary

Fields / Disciplines:

Obstetrics & maternal-child

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