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Histology Staining, Procedure and Quality Assurance Checks

Contributed on July 4, 2022, last updated February 10, 2023.



Amanda VanSpronsen, University of Alberta

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The learner plays the role of a newly hired technologist at a small local hospital. This is their first shift after recently being trained on the bench. Learners will be required to identify the correct quality control tissues, collect the required procedures and reagents, as well as perform special staining. After the staining, the learner is then required to assess the quality of the stained slides and identify troubleshooting steps that may be required.

Learning Objectives:

Describe various histology staining procedures. Describe the expected staining results of various tissue elements using Hematoxylin and Eosin, Masson Trichrome, Verhoeff van Gieson, Periodic Acid Schiff and Grocott Methenamine Silver. Recognize and troubleshoot unexpected staining results. Define quality assurance and describe how it applies to the histopathology laboratory.

Simulation Modality:

Virtual gaming simulation / virtual patient


This simulation’s scenario and script were formally peer-reviewed by two external institutions, then the final simulation was pilot tested by several students on a student testing committee then as part of the Virtu-WIL Student Program’s rollout.


052, Affinity Learning, Lab procedures


VanSpronsen A. Histology Staining, Procedure and Quality Assurance Checks. Simulation resource published by Simulation Canada; 2022. Available from

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Target Learners




Medical Laboratory Science


Undergraduate / post-secondary

Fields / Disciplines:

Pathology and Histotechnology

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