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Gas Chromatography: From Sample Preparation to Data Interpretation

Contributed on July 4, 2022, last updated February 10, 2023.



Michele Sykes, Red River College

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Gas chromatography remains testing methodology that is utilized within specialized laboratories. This means that few of our medical laboratory technologist learners are able to truly experience procedures that use gas chromatography. Until now that is! Learners are able to immerse themselves in the Toxicology Department within the virtual Affinity Laboratory to perform an alcohol screen and ethylene glycol analysis, from sample preparation to result review, using gas chromatography.

Learning Objectives:

Correlate gas chromatograph instrument components with analytical function.

Explain the significance of processing samples for analysis on the gas chromatograph.

Compare and contrast liquid and headspace injection gas chromatography.

Interpret quality control and patient chromatogram results to release valid laboratory reports.

Simulation Modality:

Virtual gaming simulation / virtual patient


This simulation’s scenario and script were formally peer-reviewed by two external institutions, then the final simulation was pilot tested by several students on a student testing committee then as part of the Virtu-WIL Student Program’s rollout.


051, Affinity Learning, Lab procedures


Sykes M. Gas Chromatography: From Sample Preparation to Data Interpretation. Simulation resource published by Simulation Canada; 2022. Available from

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