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EMS: Securing a Difficult Airway (VR)

Contributed on July 4, 2022, last updated January 17, 2024.



Mike Gamble, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

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The learner simulation scenario is that an EMS crew has been dispatched to an industrial site boiler room for a man with facial burns in respiratory distress. The view of the rooms will have “hotspots” in which you will be able to place your cursor over to reveal the decision options. Every scene may have new or changing hotspots, so you must explore the scene for changes.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Recall the need for basic airway management and oxygenation prior to advanced airway management.
  2. Choose to secure airway patency in a timely manner.
  3. Recognize proper equipment setup.
  4. Appreciate the difficulty of intubating an airway burn.
  5. Recall the correct procedure for intubation.
  6. Summarize the steps for confirming successful intubation and performing ongoing reassessment.
  7. Discuss troubleshooting options for post-intubation problems such as inadequate ventilation, unimproved oxygenation, or loss of airway patency.

Simulation Modality:

Extended reality (virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality), Video, Virtual gaming simulation / virtual patient


This simulation’s scenario and script were formally peer-reviewed by two external institutions, then the final simulation was pilot tested by several students on a student testing committee then as part of the Virtu-WIL Student Program’s rollout.


001, 360video, Affinity Learning


Gamble M. EMS: Securing a Difficult Airway (VR). Simulation resource published by Simulation Canada; 2022. Available from

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Target Learners






Undergraduate / post-secondary

Fields / Disciplines:

Emergency / trauma

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