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Code Pink scenario – Acute fetal-maternal hemorrhage

Contributed on March 25, 2015, last updated June 29, 2022.



Douglas Campbell, MD, FRCPC, St. Michael’s Hospital

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This scenario is designed to allow health care professionals to come together and work as a team around a critically ill newborn using advanced-technology simulation either in the simulation centre or in-situ. Once the pre-brief (including orientation if need be) and briefing is complete the scenario starts.
The health care team arrives either ‘en-masse’ or seperately ie RN and RT first and MD soon after. The simulation team will react and change the simulator as guided by the sim lead.

Learning Objectives:

Case #1 objectives:

Anticipate need for extra resources – staff, medications, blood, etc
stabilize acutely ill baby using NRP principles
organize appropriate health care professionals into functional team and enhance CRM principles (including designation of roles, promote sharing of information and appreciate different modalities of communication amongst team members (eg. verbal and non-verbal))

Simulation Modality:

Manikin-based, Moulage


Sim NewB (Laerdal) or equivalent, neonatal monitoring, neonatal respiratory and medical equipment, moulage


Campbell D. Code Pink scenario – Acute fetal-maternal hemorrhage. Simulation resource published by Simulation Canada; 2015. Available from

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Target Learners




Respiratory Therapy


Continuing professional development
Graduate / postgraduate / residency

Fields / Disciplines:

Obstetrics & maternal-child

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