UofT – OtoSim partnership to boost otoscopy training

The http://medicine.utoronto.ca/” target=”_blank”>University of Toronto is creating a Student Training Fund in Otoscopy in partnership with http://otosim.com/” target=”_blank”>OtoSim Inc., thanks to a $200,000 donation led by Ralph Chiodo, founder of Active Green + Ross.
Mr. Chiodo’s donation allows OtoSim Inc. to provide 66 otoscopy training units, known as the OtoSim, to the University of Toronto. OtoSim Inc. says that the simulation devices—which can be networked to facilitate mass training exercises—will help undergraduate medical students to be effectively trained to diagnose ear problems using an otoscope.
“A clinical study demonstrated that with only a couple hours of group training, the accuracy of third-year medical students increased from 54% to 78%,” said Andrew Sinclair, CEO of OtoSim Inc. and former Senior Director at MaRS Innovation. “Mr. Ralph Chiodo’s donation will help us to ensure that more medical students graduate with a much higher proficiency in this critical primary physical examination skill.”
“We are excited to be the first official OtoSim mass-training site and thank Mr. Ralph Chiodo for leading the charge on fundraising for this unique learning opportunity,” said Ian J. Witterick, Professor and Chair in the University of Toronto’s Department of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery.
SIM-one—Ontario Simulation Network—embraces collaboration in health professions education and supports this cross-sector partnership.
“It is wonderful to see collaboration between academia, healthcare and industry to enhance otoscopy training,” said Bruce Ballon, SIM-one’s Director of http://www.sim-one.ca/courses/upcoming”>Education. “This reinforces our belief that Ontario is a wonderful place for networking, collaboration and for creating cutting-edge simulation-based initiatives.”

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