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Using the latest online gaming technology and a proprietary physiological model of the human body, we created a new and innovative program to teach emergency skills to doctors and nurses according to the internationally known and used ABCDE-method: abcdeSIM.
AbcdeSIM is an online simulated emergency department with virtual patients. In an online realistic and immersive emergency department, environment doctors and nurses are challenged to care for the sickest patients. Mistakes made in online patients are not fatal as in real-life, but important learning points, thereby improving everyday patient care. Doctors learn to accurately assess the medical condition of each patient, recognize life-threatening illnesses and injuries, and resuscitate and stabilize in ordered priority.
AbcdeSIM includes a high-fidelity physiological model that contains more than 200 parameters for circulation, respiration and consciousness. This model creates a very realistic and immersive experience in which the trainee can see the direct results of their chosen diagnostics and treatment. Just like fight-simulators have increased airline safety, abcdeSIM aims to cost-effectively increase patient safety.
Currently available:

abcdeSIM for emergency physicians
abcdeSIM for emergency department nursing
abcdeSIM for pre-hospital primary care
abcdeSIM for severe burn victims
abcdeSIM for paediatrics

AbcdeSIM was developed in co-creation with Erasmus University Medical Center.

Ronald Nanninga, CEO and CO founder

[email protected]

+31 6 28599991

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