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Touch Surgery is the world’s first accessible surgical training and rehearsal platform with over 250,000 users in every country on earth. Founded by surgeons, our mission is to disseminate surgical knowledge, raise the standards of surgical practice and improve patient outcomes through the use of mobile technology. Touch Surgery combines core concepts from cognitive task analysis, simulation, and surgical training to create an engaging, realistic, and accurate learning platform for surgical experts, trainees, and patients alike. The app allows users to learn and rehearse surgical procedures from patient preparation to wound closure and is used by programs including Stanford, UPenn, and Johns Hopkins to train their residents. Touch Surgery partners with leading medical institutions around the world to deliver the highest quality simulations available. Touch Surgery has seen incredible traction in the world’s leading healthcare and education institutions, which is not surprising given that the Touch Surgery platform is designed to be scalable, accessible, and sustainable. The app is available for free on iOS and Android devices.

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