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Getting enough practice to build confidence when learning new skills can be a challenge. SIMTICS is like an “online flight simulator” for healthcare procedures, covering medical assisting and basic nursing skills, ultrasound scanning and radiographic positioning. It enables students to learn, practice and be tested from any computer, anytime, anywhere, allowing better cognitive preparation prior to lab practice or clinical time, and saving on resource usage. No hardware, software, equipment or consumables are required. As well as online cognitive simulations, each module includes a video demonstration, illustrated text, a 3D anatomy model, and quizzes. Users can choose their own pathway through the resources to suit their learning preferences.
Trainees can learn basic competencies with SIMTICS, leaving faculty more time for high-value discussion and activities. SIMTICS is also a great skills refresher for new staff. Trainees & trainers can assess progress & competence through the built-in logbook which tracks all learning activities. Scores can be transferred automatically to your LMS if required. Use SIMTICS for out-of-class preparation to meet the Credit Hour definition, for Direct Assessment via logbook, and to demonstrate outcomes to programmatic and institutional accreditors.

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