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Technical Support in Canada

simMedicate, Inc. provides sales and support for safeMedicate, an evidence-based online learning solution for developing and assessing competence for safe drug dosage calculation and administration.  It is based on over 23 years of research in the United Kingdom and North America. Designed and developed with patient safety as a number one priority.
Teaching students drug dosage calculations and skills building, the program allows students to self-study, assess, and diagnose problem areas until they achieve proficiency.  Students progress from Essential skills to Weight-based pediatric medications and advanced skills, intermittent and continuous infusions.  safeMedicate includes a word-based -problems learning module helping to prepare students for the NCLEX-RN exam. There are over 10,000 questions built into the program and over 350 medications.  Assessments are based on a strict rubric that is designed to test all aspects of competency of dosage calculations and medication administration.  The program is fully narrated and supports all learning styles and cognitive styles in mathematics.  Efficient, effective, and very affordable, the program has been shown to increase students’ success rates. Additionally, leading hospital systems to use the Authentic Assessment to evaluate prospective hires risk of medication errors.

Jody Hamm, Vice President

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