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OtoSim Inc is an Otolaryngological (ENT- Ear, Nose & Throat) and Ophthalmological (Eye) simulation, training and treatment company. In under three years, OtoSim Inc has sold into over 150 institutions in over a dozen countries.
The first product, OtoSim™, is an otoscopy training and simulation system, features include:

  • shown to increase diagnostic accuracy in 3rd-year medical students by 44%
  • students learn and practice diagnosing ear pathologies using an otoscope to examine over 200 high-fidelity images
  • a realistic ear geometry and optics provide a life-like simulated environment, improving experiential learning
  • the instructor can interact and provide immediate feedback to the student as they use OtoSim and learn through the otoscope
  • an unlimited number of OtoSims can be connected to a single instructor computer, allowing effective use of the teacher’s time and consistent messaging

OtoSim Inc, released a Pneumatic Otoscopy upgrade to the OtoSim™ in 2012. In 2013 OtoSim Inc. released OphthoSim™ an Ophthalmoscopy (retina examination) simulation and training system.
The company is developing extensions of the existing and new products in the E-ENT space and is also open to partnering on simulation technology development and marketing.

Andrew Sinclair, PhD, CEO

[email protected]

1-866-964-5186 (Toll free), 647-255-1321 (Toronto, main)

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