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The National Research Council Canada (NRC) is a research and technology organization that provides innovation support, strategic research, and scientific and technical services to develop and deploy solutions to meet Canada’s current and future industrial and societal needs.
NRC’s Medical Devices offers Canada’s medical device SMEs and MNEs a range of integrated technical and R&D services at the product development stage. Our capabilities include in vitro diagnostics and microfluidics, optical spectroscopy, radiofrequency engineering and electronics, novel materials for implantable devices, digital health as well as device development and validation.
Specific products and services include:

modular real-time physics-based simulation software engine
Device usability lab founded on physiological, physical and/or virtual reality simulation.
Simulation-enhanced life sign monitoring and digital health lab

Clinical simulators

Neurosurgery simulation (NeuroTouch)
Rhinological simulation
Spine simulation
Generic manipulative tasks simulation
Tissue biomechanics characterization simulation


Custom simulation development for training (virtual reality, augmented reality and mannequin-based).
Development of clinically relevant simulation
Device usability studies with simulation
Integration of simulation and data analytics for digital health applications
Simulation for homecare and tele-health

Robert DiRaddo, Team Leader

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(450) 641-5064

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