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Innovative Imaging Technologies Inc. is a privately owned company that was founded in 2012 by Dr. Yanick Beaulieu in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It counts 24 employees dedicated to the development of the digital collaboration platform named Reacts. The Reacts platform offers a rich, integrated, collaborative ecosystem that enables communications and interactions amongst health care professionals (HCPs), while also providing innovative tools, like augmented reality, for remote supervision and training, thus delivering real value to all stakeholders, including the patient. Reacts allows HCP’s to remotely interact in a dynamic, engaging and user-friendly way that helps improve access to care, decreases costs, and improves efficiency and satisfaction among both patients and HCP’s. It has been designed to meet the highest security and performance standards of the medical industry. It is being used in Quebec, in other areas of Canada, in the USA, in Europe, and in other countries. Commercialization of Reacts, which is sold on a subscription-based revenue model, is based on both a direct sales model and on establishing strategic partnerships with medical device companies and medical organizations.

Yanick Beaulieu, CEO

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514-223-1717 x204

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