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ImageSim Corporation is the operational management arm of ImageSim, an award-winning and accredited online competency-based learning system that helps health care professionals improve their diagnostic knowledge and interpretation of medical images. With ImageSim, learners will be able to practice interpreting up to several hundred examples of image-based cases that are part of the day-to-day reality of health care providers. In addition to getting feedback with every case, learners will get a running tabulation of their diagnostic performance. Learners will be certified as competent once they reach the competency standard and can claim CME credits for their efforts. ImageSim is trusted by over 3,000 health care providers and has been used by more than 40 post-graduate programs internationally. The platform currently offers 20 courses, covering a wide range of medical images. New courses are also under development. Additionally, the ImageSim platforms supports research initiatives that help expand the understanding of how learners develop expertise in medical image diagnosis, and course purchases subsidize access to resource limited settings around the world.

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