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Collaborative Simulations is a company that specialized in Business Capacity & Efficiency Simulations for Product and Service Companies across the industry.
Rapidly build in less than 40 hours, simulations enable management teams to analyze multiple business scenario cases financial and operational performance in parallel.
Healthcare Simulation Framework
In collaborative simulations, we have developed a Healthcare Framework capable to simulate the organizational and operational capacity and capability of healthcare institutions offering services to patients 24×7. Our Healthcare model can be easily adapted to the specific organizational and operational structure enabling managers to simulate quite rapidly their medical staff’s capacity to deliver healthcare services.
Starting from the admission procedures to triage, clinical treatment & discharge, the framework takes into consideration the different patient types, length of stay & clinical pathway, adopting all parameters to the specific client environment.
Using our dashboards Healthcare Managers can now graphically analyze:

Operational Performance within each department/clinic / ward
Medical Staff Capacity and availability 24×7
Queues/delays in the patient pathway
Medical Resources Allocation
Cost per department/clinic
Cost per Healthcare Service
Cost per patient

Vassilis Pangalis, Managing Director

[email protected]

0043 664 4072972

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