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BreakAway Games is recognized as an industry leader in Serious Game design, development & deployment. Our expertise is in the area of incorporating learning theory, human factors and cognitive engineering into serious game designs. BreakAway for the past 10 years has been developing game-based solutions for the educational, training and assessment sectors of the healthcare community, globally. Our staff includes entertainment industry veterans with 20+ years of experience, mixed with younger developers recently entering the video game development market.
We are technology agnostic – which enables us to provide value-engineered solutions by leveraging a portfolio of proprietary tools, technologies & practices with commercially available COTS tools/capabilities. We employ both Agile and Waterfall production methodologies. The methodology is chosen by factors such as team size, client requirements and client preference. We believe that creating effective learning and assessment experiences requires collaboration and iteration between all of the stakeholders and we have designed development processes that virtually eliminate the minimize friction between collaborators!
We believe game technology has the power to transform the way we learn, work, and live. We see a future where people use virtual worlds, games and 3D simulations to enrich the way they live every day!

Walter Cheek, Vice President, Business Development


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