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Avenir Medical’s sensor-based technology fully addresses alignment errors in joint replacement surgery, improving outcomes for patients, surgeons and hospitals. Avenir’s first product embodiment is for hip replacement surgery. Up to 30% of patients report dissatisfaction with their procedure and consequently require additional care which may include additional physiotherapy, chronic pain medication, walking aids, shoe lifts and even corrective surgery. Currently, the conventional method in hip-replacement operations is for the orthopedic surgeon to align the implant by eye. This results in a high rate of alignment error and leg length discrepancies.
Avenir’s breakthrough technology aims to transform implant alignment methods and improve joint-replacement procedures. Their lead product, PelvAssist™, is a proprietary, low-cost disposable, sensor-based technology that reduces alignment error, leg length discrepancies and cup placement in a reliable, cost-effective way and is compatible with current surgical techniques. Avenir plans to release the first version of PelvAssist™ this year in Canada and in 2014 in the U.S.

Armen Bakirtzian, CEO

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