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Students in York University’s nursing programs utilize the Nursing Resource Centre (NRC) to support them in meeting their clinical skill and professional development learning needs. The NRC is located on the third floor of the Health, Nursing and Environmental Studies Building (HNES) and serves up to 1,200 nursing students. Opened in February 2006, the 5,000-square-foot Nursing Resource Centre is divided into two unique spaces: the Nursing Skills Lab and the Computer Skills Lab.
Clinical simulation available in the NRC allows students to engage in learning through the use of low, medium and high fidelity manikins as well as case studies/scenarios and software programs. Clinical simulation involves using artificially created events that nurses are likely to encounter in practice—events which demand a high level of clinical decision-making and/or implementation of psychomotor skills. Simulation technologies emphasize the integration and application of knowledge, skills and critical thinking. Additionally, simulation affords nurses the opportunity to experience error-inducing situations without jeopardy to themselves or their patients. Clinical simulation and lab activities are integrated into the clinical and theoretical components of nursing education by the four programs offered by the School of Nursing at York University (Collaborative, 2nd Entry, Internationally Educated Nurse BScN programs, and the Nurse Practitioner MScN program). In these programs, simulated case scenarios and skills practice enhance students’ confidence, competence and synthesis of learning.
Nursing Skills Lab
Nursing Skills Lab (HNES 304) is a simulated hospital environment created to support nursing students with their clinical skill development. This environment can be used as one space or subdivided into two independently functioning clinical skill areas using the central moveable glass wall. The overall space can accommodate up to 50 students for clinical education and the development of basic and advanced nursing skills. The centre houses 14 adult medical-surgical beds, a pediatric area including bassinets, cribs and isolettes, and two isolation rooms. The individual bed spaces are divided by curtains to provide privacy, and IV poles and appropriate lighting are available. Seven adult beds have also been equipped with a headwall system that supports simulating oxygen and suction capability. In addition to the 14 adult manikins, the NRC is equipped with four SimMan manikins. These bed spaces are equipped with cameras to record student learning activities for simulation debriefing. In addition, the NRC has a complete Vital Sim Family, SimBaby manikin, Virtual IV simulator, a variety of neonate manikins, an extensive collection of anatomical training models, and the necessary medical equipment and supplies to provide students with an adjunct to clinical placement learning. Nursing students can practice everything from inserting a catheter to changing dressings. Additionally, the two divided spaces are each equipped with podiums, computers with internet access and projectors/screens for use in lecturing. There is seating for up to 25 students in each of these two clinical areas.
Computer Skills Lab
The Computer Skills Lab (HNES 303) has 24 workstations and access to all computer services normally available through York. It allows students to develop clinical decision-making and critical thinking skills through interactive computer simulation exercises and review of audiovisual materials.

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