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University of Toronto Standardized Patient Program

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Toronto, Ontario


The Standardized Patient Program teaches communication through simulation, enabling professionals to navigate complex situations. Good communication increases patient and workplace satisfaction. Good communication reduces medical errors and reduces legal costs.
Our educational programming is personalized to your needs and includes immediate, constructive and specific feedback with ample opportunity for practice. Our workshop space is ideal for events of any size, and our professionals have extensive experience in hospital and university environments. Below is a small sample of the services available.
A facilitator leads an individual or small group sessions with scenarios tailored to your unique requirements. The combination of coaching and intensive practice equips you with the tools to handle the most challenging situations.
Half-day, full-day or weekend sessions with a facilitator. Guided interactions of real communication challenges. Popular sessions have included “Breaking Bad News,” “Disclosing Error,” and “Navigating Conflict for Managers.”
Digital Media Services:
High-quality video production for web, DVD, the classroom or the boardroom.
Communication skills are taught through longitudinal and scaffolded learning in four or more sessions. Interactive, facilitated and with feedback.

Diana Tabak, Associate Director, Education

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