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Sudbury, Ontario


French Lab
We have an OSCI room with a Sim man all set up, with a monitor, access to oxygen, and suction. This is attached to a computer in the observation room. In the lab we have the Sim baby hooked on the computer to manage the simulation. We have Vital sim with Simpad in the lab. We have the Vital child, not attached to anything at the moment but can put on the simple connection to make him talk and so forth. We have another Sim man that we can connect with, at the present, he is not connected to anything.
English Lab
The English Program lab is a 15-bed lab with 4 individual OSCE rooms. We have 2 functional Vital Sim manikins with Sim Pads and 4 functional Sim Man manikins. Two of our Sim Men are not usable due to compressor issues. One Sim Man is currently equipped with audio and microphone components to allow for evaluators to participate from a separate room. We also have a birthing Noelle which is functional. Videotaping capabilities are present in all 4 OSCE rooms.

Lisa Giguere

705-675-1151 ext 3732

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