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Sudbury, Ontario


The Centre de simulation Gisèle Chrétien at Collège Boréal’s Sudbury campus is the home to many students from various health sciences programs. A major focus of the laboratory relates to teaching the concept of interprofessionalism. For this reason, the students from the Baccalaureate of Nursing, Practical Nursing, Primary Care Paramedic and Massage Therapy programs, among others, learn to interact together.
The laboratory is used to simulate a hospital environment, which includes a ward and ICU setting. To facilitate the transfer of knowledge, the laboratory is equipped with essential equipment found in a hospital, including task and skill trainers, virtual IV and several high fidelity manikins (adult, baby, child and birthing manikin). Collège Boréal’s Sudbury campus also houses a second simulation laboratory equipped with many low fidelity mannequins. This laboratory is used mainly to teach basic care. Throughout the academic year, the simulation laboratories are used to create scenarios that simulate reality.
This safe learning environment provides the ideal setting to enhance the student’s skills as future healthcare professionals. Every year, Collège Boréal organizes a three day IPE simulation activity where students from various programs and students from the Northern Ontario School of Medicine meet, participate and experience the world of high fidelity simulation. In 2012, the laboratory doors were opened to cast and crews from the film Industry. The laboratories were transformed into different hospital settings and will be featured in a number of productions. Through the use of education, research, evaluation and innovation, Collège Boréal is working diligently to prepare its students and hence improve patient safety and quality of care. The laboratories are also open after hours to allow student the opportunity to master their skills. Collège Boréal is continually seeking ways to integrate the use of new technologies, including the use of the Apple iPad.

Kim Morris, Dean, School of Health Sciences

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