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Canadore College/Nipissing University

North Bay, Ontario


Canadore College and Nipissing University currently have two simulation centres that are used extensively by both Nursing programs. Our one sim centre has a five-bed ward that includes both high and low-fidelity manikins and a maternal/child area that includes our obstetrical birthing doll and high-fidelity infant. Our second sim centre is designed as a private room and consists of a high fidelity manikin. Each room is designed to simulate that of a typical hospital bedside and can video record the scenario should the facilitator choose to use video in the debrief. Simulations occur daily in both rooms.
Our sim centres are also used in conducting interprofessional scenarios. Students from different health professions, such as nursing, medicine and respiratory therapy, will come together to care for their simulated patients collaboratively.
In addition to the manikins, our larger sim centre houses several computers where students can participate in e-simulations. Our computers are loaded with the MicroSim software, allowing students to choose from hundreds of virtual patients to care for.

Louise Moir, Nursing

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