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Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) Simulation Laboratory

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Toronto, Ontario


The Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) Simulation Laboratory is an 800-square-foot high-technology environment designed to enhance the integration of clinical learning from the perspective of assessment and diagnosis, as well as manipulation/adjustment.
Bringing together technological advancements, including four Gaumard computerized manikins as simulated patients and four force sensing tables, the Simulation Laboratory has been designed to provide a variety of learning opportunities.
Through the use of the computerized manikins, students and interns have the opportunity to enhance their diagnostic skills, recognize emergencies and practice appropriate responses. The student-patient interaction is recorded for feedback using the METI LearningSpace audiovisual system.
The Simulation Laboratory includes an ETC Mobile Kit from KbPort so that the simulation environment can be extended to CMCC clinics and external environments for intra-professional and inter-professional exercises.
Force-sensing tables allow students to finely tune their adjustments in a previously impossible way. These modified treatment tables, with force plates embedded in them, can assess several biomechanical parameters of the chiropractic adjustment.
In addition to providing an enriched environment for clinical learning, data is collected in CMCC’s Simulation Laboratory for research purposes. Current research interests include understanding the impact of the simulated environment on student learning outcomes and the effect of variation in simulation teaching methods.

Dominic Giuliano, Acting Co-ordinator

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416-482-2340 Ext. 320

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