Surgical Science, Inc.

Surgical Science is the global leader in medical simulation training and offers the only laparoscopic virtual reality system proven to improve performance in the operating room. Using the most advanced modelling technology, validated curricula, uniquely flexible scenarios and challenges, and an intuitive user interface, Surgical Science is bridging the gap between education and proficiency. Learning […]

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Limbs & Things, Inc.

Limbs & Things designs manufactures and promotes clinical and surgical skills training products. The Company is dedicated to improving patient care by supporting healthcare professionals in their training. We pride ourselves on the design and manufacture of high-quality healthcare training models incorporating innovative materials, design and technology. Our work has been recognized over time with […]

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Gaumard’s commitment to improving patient care through health care education has been our foundation since 1946. Educators worldwide recognize our NOELLE® series for having revolutionized obstetric training. This commitment continues with the world’s only completely tetherless family of simulators including the rugged Hal®, widely acclaimed Victoria®, and our newest member, Tory™.

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