Contributing to the SIM Scenario Exchange

  1. All the information we request is used to categorize your resource and to make it easier for others to find relevant resources – so please take the time to answer accurately.
  2. You save your progress mid-way through the upload process and return to complete it later (within 30 days) using a special link that the website will provide to you.
  3. Don’t use your browser back button; if you would like to go back to a previous step use the “Previous” button at the bottom of the form.
  4. You are not able to use the “Previous” or “Next” buttons if any of the required fields on the current page are not complete.

Ways to Share

There are three ways to add a resource to the Exchange. You may do one, two, or all three of these.

  1. File upload – Upload your documents to our server so others can download them. You must combine all the documents/files for your resource into a single zip file.
  2. External link – Link to another site where your resource is located, or link directly to an online virtual simulation.
  3. On request – Users must contact you, then you will send them the materials. You must provide either an email address or a link to a form users can complete to request the materials.

Before You Upload Documents

Before uploading you MUST ENSURE that:

  1. You own the materials or have the right to share the materials. You may need permission from your institution and/or from any other authors; and
  2. Nothing within any documents you upload is copyrighted, like an image or text you took from a website that may be copyrighted by someone else; and
  3. There is no real patient information in the materials.

Licensing and Intellectual Property

The Exchange is an open, free repository built in the spirit of a sharing, scholarly, creative community. You retain ownership of the materials you upload. We make use of Creative Commons licensing, which allows Simulation Canada to host and distribute the materials so that others can copy, use, adapt and redistribute them for non-commercial and educational purposes, while giving you credit for your work.

Quality Review

Simulation Canada will review all submissions to ensure minimum quality standards are met. We do not offer a formal peer review process, but encourage you to have your resources peer-reviewed by a third party. If your resource has undergone a structured peer review process, we will recognize that.

Other Questions?

Please see the Exchange FAQs for additional information and details.

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