PSW Iron Chef competition

By Samantha Bruce, Canadore College
March is Nutrition Month, and the Dieticians of Canada want to help Canadians enjoy healthy food choices. With this in mind, Personal Support Worker professor Nancy Bush has created a series of Mini Iron Chef events for her students to focus on dietary restrictions.
Personal Support Worker students prepared meals for a judging panel that were inspired by dietary restrictions and needs. Some of the restrictions included preparing dishes for vegetarian, gluten-free and allergenic diets.
“Experiences like this allow us as students to take what we learned in the classroom and apply it in a practical setting,” said Lisa Snider, Personal Support Worker Student. “I feel more prepared to provide a higher quality of care for my future clients.”
Canadore offers many opportunities to give its students a broad perspective of what will be involved in the industry. Students obtain hands-on experience to allow them to focus on and strengthen their skillsets.” target=”_blank”>Read more >

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