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PSW & Simulation II

In 2013/14 SIM-one received funding from the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) to create online educational modules for faculty who train personal support workers (PSWs) supporting seniors living in an at-home environment.

These open access modules were developed with the support of George Brown College’s faculty and filmed at the College’s Waterfront Campus.

Faculty (as themselves)

  • Elizabeth Fornasier RN, BScN, MEd
  • Lorraine Betts RN, BScN, MN
  • Sarah Evans RN, MN, EdD

Faculty (as students)

  • Maria Tsikrikis RDH, BA
  • Sai Vemulakonda BEng, MBA, MS, CHITM
  • Elizabeth O’Brien BScN, MEd
  • Charles Anyinam RN, MScN, PhD (c)
  • Celina DaSliva RN, BScN, MN/ Collaborative Bioethics


  • Alecia Lin


  • Howard Harris

Please Read Before Viewing

PSW Home Safety Check Video
Safety is one of the objectives of this scenario. When debriefing, please inquire about the disposal of the cigarette into the garbage can. Ask the student(s) questions about the safety of this activity, especially how it affects the patient, person and environment. Remember that much learning occurs in the debriefing stage.

GBC PSW Health eHome Video
The Health eHome at the George Brown College (GBC) Waterfront Campus is also used to provide interprofessional education and collaboration opportunities for GBC, its students and partners. For example, students in the GBC Culinary Management Nutrition and Personal Support Worker (PSW) programs learn from, with and about each other for the purpose of making food more nutritious and delicious for patients who have various health problems like heart disease, diabetes and difficulty swallowing. Culinary students have an opportunity to work with Baycrest staff to learn about cooking and menu planning for the hospital and/or long-term facilities. Baycrest staff, meanwhile, learn about making food more delicious and presentable for their patients. In addition, PSW and Practical Nursing students have their clinical placement within Baycrest.

PSW Debriefing Video
In this small clipping of the debriefing session, the debriefer is only interacting with the one student participant. However, the debriefer would actually involve all students regardless of whether they were in the simulation or just observing. As a debriefer, you are facilitating the group to learn from and with each other. You utilize the students’ own knowledge base to make connections and observations, while linking theory and practice together.

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