Lakehead simulationist awarded TVN fellowship

Katherine Kortes-Miller, a PhD candidate and sessional lecturer at Lakehead University, was the recipient of a 2014 TVN Interdisciplinary Fellowship for her project, “Interdisciplinary end-of-life care education using high-fidelity simulation in long-term care”.
TVN (Technology Evaluation in the Elderly Network) announced a total of eight new” target=”_blank”>Interdisciplinary Fellowship Program (IFP) awards as part of its mandate to develop highly qualified professionals (HQP) who can thrive in a multi-disciplinary, multi-sectoral healthcare environment. TVN says the eight award recipients represent a wide range of disciplines and educational institutions across Canada, with projects in education, engineering, rehabilitation, gerontology, law, nursing and social Work.
“I would like to pass on my congratulations to Katherine,” said Dr. Tim Willett, SIM-one’s Director of”>Research and Development. “TVN is launching a lot of innovative grant programs to improve care for frail elderly. I am glad to see simulation is among the technologies being promoted. This will further advance the great work being done in palliative care education at Lakehead.”
The two-year fellowships are part of TVN’s Interdisciplinary Training Program. According to TVN, the funded initiatives include novel approaches to care for the frail elderly, such as using smart materials to design slip-resistant footwear, and using digital storytelling to understand the experience of aging with serious illness.
“Our health system currently operates in a fragmented state, a situation that is particularly precarious for the frail elderly, many of whom suffer from co-morbidities and require frequent hospitalization,” said TVN Scientific Director Dr. John Muscedere. “These fellows represent the next generation of scientists and health care professionals who, through our program, will gain the trans-disciplinary skills, experiences and attitudes needed to improve care for this vulnerable group.”
For more information on the TVN Interdisciplinary Fellowship Program, please visit” target=”_blank”>

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