Introducing Interprofessional Simulation

Here is how you can introduce interprofessional simulation into an undergraduate health sciences program:

  • Start small: Introduce one simulation into a course at a time and do it well. Use instructor and learner feedback to improve the simulation for the next group of learners.
  • Consider adapting a uniprofessional simulation for an interprofessional group of learners: Again, start small by adding one additional discipline, then, if appropriate, add another.
  • Include faculty from each discipline that will be involved in an interprofessional simulation throughout the development, implementation, and evaluation phases.
  • Trial new simulations with a volunteer group of students to iron out the bugs.
  • Integrate each new simulation into a specific course within each participating discipline to ensure sustainability.
  • Due to scheduling differences between the disciplines, all students may not be able to participate in each interprofessional simulation; however, all students should have the opportunity to participate in some each year.

(Reference: Luctkar-Flude M et al.  Simulation-Based Interprofessional Health Sciences Education: Six Years Experience.  Poster presented at IMSH 2012.)

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