2012 SIM Expo

A huge success!

SIM-one’s annual Ontario Simulation Exposition continues to get bigger and better. On December 5-7, the healthcare simulation community came out in full force, helping make the 2012 SIM Expo a huge success.

The annual SIM Expo celebrates the creativity, dedication and accomplishments of Ontario’s healthcare simulation community. This year’s SIM Expo, held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, was expanded to a 2-day event due to popular demand plus a Welcome Reception. The 2012 SIM Expo featured, for the first time, accredited, interprofessional workshops and plenary sessions.

Looking at the numbers alone, the 2012 SIM Expo had 322 registrants and 25 vendors—far surpassing the last year’s figures of 268 and 14, respectively. In addition, the 2012 SIM Expo boasts positive subjective feedback, including:

“One of the best simulation conferences I have been to.”

“Really got the message about collaboration and saw it led in the way that the conference was organized.”

“Fabulous speakers! Very relevant and informative!”

Excellent keynote speakers

The strength of the 2012 SIM Expo may have rested in its line up of invigorating keynote speakers who spoke from diverse perspectives.

First up was physician/astronaut/hospital executive Dr. Dave Williams, who inspired the audience with his story of simulation and space travel. On Day 2, attendees got to meet Dr. John Schaefer, the founder of Healthcare Simulation South Carolina (HSSC) and one of the great innovators and leaders in the healthcare simulation world. The Globe and Mail’s Andre Picard gave the closing speech and was successfully able to communicate the need for more innovation—including simulation—in healthcare.

Here’s what some of our attendees had to say:

“His (Williams’) ability to speak to all levels of sim experience and all audience professions was fabulous.”

Said an attendee regarding Dr. Schaefer’s presentation: “It prompted me to consider how we could incorporate a student-driven practice lab using pre-programmed scenarios and task trainers. As well it highlighted the benefits of partnerships.”

Of Mr. Picard, one attendee simply wrote, “Excellent presentation.”

Building the case for simulation

The theme of the 2012 SIM Expo was “Simulation & the Quality of Healthcare”. In particular, much importance was given to building a case for simulation and how it relates to improving healthcare quality.

The Case for Simulation, an interactive session, was led by Dr. Tim Willett, SIM-one’s Director of Research & Development. This plenary explored simulation’s important evidence-based role in healthcare through six unique perspectives, including research, medicine, nursing, EMT, interprofessionalism and patient safety. View the synopsis HERE and the full version HERE.

SIM-one was very happy to have Suzanne McGurn from the Ministry of Health and Long-term Care (MOHLTC) give the conference’s Opening Remarks. In her speech, Ms. McGurn addressed the need for more simulation in health professions education as a way to improve quality, patient care and patient safety, and reduce costs.

From Innovation to Commercialization

The 2012 SIM Expo hosted the “Living Labs”, a roundtable discussion moderated by Peter Azmi, SIM-one’s Director of Partnerships, that featured leaders in simulation innovation. During the discussion, participants talked about the unique challenges and opportunities facing innovators in the Province of Ontario, including development of ideas and sources for funding. View the “Living Labs” video HERE.

Interaction at its finest

Interaction has always been a staple of the SIM Expo—and for SIM-one, in general. SIM-one stepped up the level of interaction at the 2012 SIM Expo in the form of new features, including a Welcome Reception, two plenary sessions and eight accredited workshops.

The workshops, in particular, covered several perspectives, including EMS & Simulation, Nursing & Simulation, and Simulation Centre Management. All of the workshops received positive feedback, including these comments from our anonymous survey:

“Great workshop! Expert presenters who were very engaging!”

“Interesting to meet, network and learn about the diverse stakeholders in this area. I believe that there is interest, motivation and expertise to move forward with some very valuable initiatives in this group.”

“Very well organized and presented with much group interaction…good networking there.”

SIM-one initiatives announced

On Day 2 of the conference, SIM-one Executive Director Dr. Dimitri Anastakis announced three SIM-one initiatives for the upcoming year that will add value to Ontario’s healthcare simulation network.

The new initiatives include:

  1. The SIM-one Provincial Equipment Coordination Service (SPECS), which will provide real-time reporting on Ontario’s simulation equipment assets
  2. A new SIM-one website that will connect Ontario’s simulation community and facilitate greater collaboration and innovation
  3. And SIM-one’s incorporation as a not-for-profit organization

A special thanks

The 2012 SIM Expo would not have been a success without the generous support of the following people and institutions:

  • Suzanne McGurn and the Ministry of Health and Long-term Care (MOHTLC)
  • Our Sponsors – Laerdal, HIROC, CAE Healthcare, NSERC-CRSNG, Turning Technologies Canada, and Dell
  • Our Exhibitors and Academic Presenters
  • Our Keynote Speakers – Dr. Dave Williams, Dr. John Schaefer and André Picard
  • The Expo Planning Committee and Submission Judges
  • And all of our wonderful volunteers

Most importantly, we would like to thank the simulation community whose dedication inspires us. It is through your energy that SIM-one will further position Ontario as the global leader in healthcare simulation.

See you on December 5 & 6, 2013 for the 2013 SIM Expo!

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