Serious Play Conference 2024

University of Toronto • Mississauga Campus

CALL FOR SPEAKERS – Deadline April 15!

For 18 years, the Serious Play Conference has been a leading forum for exploring the power of games and play in learning, research, and development. This event gathers experts and innovators across various sectors to discuss and showcase how games and play can drive educational and training advancements. With a focus on interactive play, simulations, gamification, and immersive learning, the conference highlights their role in creating effective learning environments and tackling complex issues.

Participants will explore cutting-edge methodologies, the latest research, interactive workshops, and immersive XR experiences, alongside networking and idea-sharing opportunities. The Serious Play community explores the critical role of serious games in modern education and training, providing insights, tools, and connections to tap into play’s transformative potential. 

Serious Play fosters collaboration and the advancement of educational technologies, leaving attendees with a richer understanding of using games for growth, problem-solving, and innovation across domains.

Join us at the University of Toronto from August 12-14, 2024, for a truly inspiring Serious Play Conference!

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