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MedaPhor|ScanTrainer: where simulation becomes reality.
Medaphor is a global provider of advanced ultrasound education and training for medical professionals. MedaPhor’s revolutionary ScanTrainer simulator teaches doctors and sonographers the complex, hard-to-learn ultrasound scanning skills, without the need for patients and with minimal expert supervision. Our unique range of self-learning ultrasound training simulators, replicate having an expert guiding your learning by combining ‘real-feel’ virtual reality simulation, with real patient scans, real-time expert guidance and feedback and curriculum-based interactive learning and assessment, to provide fast and effective ultrasound training for hospitals and university training centres.
What makes our simulators world-class?
Real Scans:
We believe realism is the key to the perfect learning experience, so all our ScanTrainer ultrasound images are real scans from real patients. Step-by-step instructions guide users through an easy-to-follow curriculum-based, structured teaching environment.
Real Feel:
Transvaginal and transabdominal scanning are realistically replicated using haptic feedback devices that simulate different patient types and positions. Detailed virtual anatomy of the real patients helps trainees understand orientation and probe manipulation.
Real Expert Guidance
Our stunning new real-time ScanTutor expert guidance literally guides the trainee as though an expert was standing by their side explaining how to scan.
Real Assessment
The unique Learning Management System built into every ScanTrainer provides detailed task-by-task feedback to trainees. Each task attempted is compared against expert data and trainee results are displayed on a results review screen with detailed feedback on why they have passed or failed.
Real Savings
ScanTrainer helps relieve the pressure on trainers and equipment by expediting skills acquisition and increasing trainees’ competency prior to hands-on patient contact. A recent study shows that practical skills training using simulation can save costs compared with a traditional approach to training using live scanning lists. simulation saves tutor time, less expert supervision is required in the early stages and clinical equipment can be released to meet clinical service delivery targets.

Victor Tilane, Sales & Business Development Manager, Canada

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