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DecisionSim is a cloud and mobile-based platform designed specifically to enhance and assess decision-making by leveraging the educational value of simulation. Educators can author simulations through our easy-to-use tools, deploy the simulations on multiple devices and analyze key metrics regarding the learners’ decisions.
Leveraging adult learning and gaming concepts in a branched learning framework, DecisionSim allows educators to accelerate the development of expertise and competency. Educators create customizable learning experiences that match the patient population, medical conditions and situations in which decisions will be made, increasing the learner’s ability to understand, retain and apply that knowledge. Observing the effects of their decisions and learning from the consequences ultimately form the basis for better decision-making.
By requiring the learners to make decisions, knowledge, competence and ultimately performance are assessed and tracked. Personalized, adaptive feedback can be provided to highlight optimal clinical management. In addition to improving the learners’ decision-making skills, DecisionSim helps educators objectively measure key decisions and metrics by collecting data on each learner’s interaction with each decision in the simulation. Educators gain objective and relevant insights into the way their learners make decisions and their level of competency, as well as an understanding of potential gaps.

Bob Yayac, Managing Partner & Co-Founder

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