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Kingston Resuscitation Institute (KRI)

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Kingston, Ontario


The Kingston Resuscitation Institute is a non-profit organization that brings together educators and researchers who share an interest in Resuscitation Medicine.
We are located in the simulation lab at Kingston General Hospital, where we provide resuscitation training to nurses, respiratory therapists, medical students, residents and attending physicians. We also offer courses in how to teach using simulation, and have the first education fellowship in Resuscitation and Reanimation. KRI sponsors the annual Simulation Olympics – an interprofessional resuscitation competition that puts teams in challenging situations and scores them based on quality of care, teamwork and communication.
Research teams of KRI members work to advance resuscitation care. Current projects include the exploration of novel medications and devices for patient care, the development of tools to evaluate crisis leadership and decision making, and the creation of National Guidelines to establish current best practice.

Andy Howes, Head of Operations

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