Quick Tips for Burn Moulage

All you need is a few materials! Got a hair dryer and some vaseline? Here is the full (and basic!) list of materials you will need:

  • Hair dryer;
  • Red make-up cream paint or powder;
  • Clear cucumber mask;
  • Charcoal powder, dirt, or coffee grounds; and
  • Vaseline in a syringe with needle or blunt catheter tip.

Here is the process:

  • Apply red cream to area you want for a burn;
  • Cover reddened area with the clear facial mask; spread evenly, smooth out edges;
  • Dry facial mask with hair dryer, or if you have time, let air dry;
  • Once dry, pull at edges and in different area of the mask to create the peeling effect;
  • Take syringe with Vaseline and inject small amounts under mask in different areas to create blisters;
  • Add more redness over area of the mask and around on the skin;
  • Apply dirt, coffee grounds, or charcoal over top for “dirty” effect.
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