Meet Durham College’s EP Taylor

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Meet Mr. EP Taylor, a 75-year-old client who lives with his sister. Mr. Taylor is generally well but has had some episodes of forgetfulness that are increasing in frequency. He also has rheumatoid arthritis, weakness in lower extremities, uses a walker (reluctantly) and has had previous falls at home.
Mr. Taylor is simulated, of course. His naming by students from the” target=”_blank”>Durham College PSW program was the first step in creating a simulated community experience aligned with the mission and purpose of SIM-one’s Seniors Care Project: the education and training of skilled personal support workers (PSWs) who can support seniors aging at home and collaborate with other community-based healthcare team members.”>Learn more about the Seniors Care Project >
The next steps in this simulated experience involved collaboration with Deborah Schuh, RN, BN, Faculty, Program Coordinator; Marie McEwan, RN, BEd (Adult Education) and Clinical Simulation Program Advisor; and Suzanne Sibley, RPN , nurse technologist, to develop the scenario, debriefing and activities for the experience.
The learning outcomes for this experience were as follows:

Explain the role and responsibilities of the PSW as a member of the community healthcare team
Demonstrate safe and competent practices related to personal, patient and environmental safety
Consistently demonstrate professional and empathic communication skills
Integrate knowledge of fall prevention strategies and the older person into the provision of care
Identify communication processes associated with reporting and recording information related to patient care/status when working in the community healthcare setting
Explore the benefits of maintaining/supporting persons to be cared for in their home
Discuss the unique challenges associated with caring for persons living in their own home

An agenda for the two-hour experience was also developed:

Orientation to the house – 10 minutes (basement)
Briefing – 10 minutes (basement)
Case – EP Taylor – 15 minutes
Debriefing – 30 minutes
Hands-on at home – 40 minutes
Skills mastery – Transfers and mobility

Environmental safety assessment of Mr. Taylor’s home
Empathy experience (using physical limitation and hemiplegia simulation suits)

This learning experience was scheduled for when the PSW students were completing their 120 hours of community practicum. Prior to the experience, students were required to complete a research assignment related to the local Community Care Access Centre and community agencies that utilize PSWs. After the experience, a post-reflection assignment was submitted.
Feedback from the PSW students (37 respondents) was very positive. When asked if “this educational session increased my knowledge and understanding of the role of the PSW in a community setting”, 100% of the students agreed. The same percentage agreed when asked if “this educational session increased my knowledge and understanding of areas I need to develop in order to provide safe competent care in the community”.

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