Elekta, Michener partnership advances radiation therapy simulation

http://www.michener.ca/” target=”_blank”>The Michener Institute for Applied Health Sciences and http://www.elekta.com/” target=”_blank”>Elekta, a company that provides clinical solutions for treating cancer and brain disorders, are enhancing the simulation experiences for the next generation of radiation therapists thanks to the addition of Clarity to Michener’s radiation therapy training suite.
Clarity, installed with one of Michener’s existing Elekta Synergy treatment systems, uses 3D ultrasound technology to outline and track soft tissue targets for accurate patient positioning during radiation therapy, without the need for additional imaging dose or invasive procedures. The addition of Clarity grants Michener students access to state-of-the-art technology that will give them the confidence and competence they need to practice in modern treatment environments, according to the Michener Institute.
“Thanks to Elekta’s ongoing generous support of Michener’s renowned radiation therapy program, our students are well prepared to provide quality patient care using the modern technology found in today’s hospitals and cancer care centres,” said Dr. Brad Niblett, VP Operations, Michener Institute for Applied Health Sciences.
The Michener Institute says it closely monitors technological advances in radiation therapy and constantly updates its curriculum so that students are competent in the latest innovations. The entire radiation therapy process, from treatment planning to treatment delivery, an be simulated in-house at Michener.
“Michener is the only educational institution in Canada with two linear accelerators,” added Dr. Niblett. “The addition of Clarity to our state-of-the-art training suites will only expand our ability to provide unique, real-world simulation experiences in ultrasound guided radiation therapy and further position Michener as a national leader in this area.”
Clarity joins several other pieces of Elekta technology that Michener has installed over the years, including MOSAIQ Oncology Information System in 2007 and two Elekta Synergy systems put in place in 2010. In addition, Michener also provides students with treatment planning systems.
“Michener is an exceptional venue for students to learn more about non-invasive imaging technology associated with radiation therapy,” said Jay Hoey, Executive Vice President, Elekta North America. “Clarity is among Elekta’s most important imaging solutions for radiotherapy and gaining knowledge about the patient and clinical benefits of this class of products will serve students well.”

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