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OSSimTech™ is a Virtual Reality surgical training platform with haptics systems designed for surgeons, sales teams, and hospital staff of all skill levels.
The company was founded in 2013 by experienced and seasoned engineers. We are a highly skilled multi-disciplinary team comprised of doctors, programmers, developers, industrial designers as well as management and communication professionals.
OSSimTech™ proposes the practical use of simulation to sensitize, train and prepare resident doctors for the real world, using a unique tactile and VR-based training platform. The Sim-Ortho™ simulator is the next generation of virtual reality simulators designed for the training of medical students and orthopedic PGY1, 2, and 3 residents. The system currently enables confidence building, hand dexterity and error avoidance while practicing surgical skills such as bone drilling and sawing. The simulator can perform an array of difficult procedures and replicate rare clinical cases which cannot be systematically recreated in the real world on a repetitive basis. Complementary to the current apprenticeship model, which pairs resident trainees with accomplished surgeons, our technology ensures scientific objectivity in respect to the trainee’s hand-eye coordination and skills, that human supervision cannot match.
OSSimTech™’s mission is to provide residents, educators, and institutions with innovative tools and technology to increase patient safety, accelerate and track the learning process through a significant quantity of surgical procedures. Our team is working diligently, using real life haptic feedback and VR, to create profound and lasting new immersive environments for surgical training.

Gabriel Rivest, Director - Product Management and Commercialization

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+1 (438) 403-7465

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