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More realistic than role-playing.
More powerful than case studies.
What is a live-actor simulation?
A simulation is a re-enactment of an actual event or situation that may occur in the workplace, whether it involves clients, patients, colleagues or employees. Our team will consult with your organization to design a custom live-actor simulation to meet your learning & development needs. Our simulators, who are highly-skilled actors, will be trained to recreate the physical and/or emotional state, history and personality of an individual represented in the simulation. Your team/students will engage with these simulators one-on-one in real-time. Simulators will challenge participants to respond to situations in a realistic manner. Live-actor simulation is a great way to expose people to potentially difficult situations in a low-risk setting.
Why use ISTC simulations?
ISTC simulations can be used to teach, evaluate and challenge. Immediate, behaviour-based feedback provided by the simulator, along with opportunities to reflect, allow each participant to examine their own personal abilities, so that later on they may apply those same skills in a professional setting. Because the simulations are customized and repeatable they can be used to assess a learner’s skill and knowledge over time.
ISTC simulations cover topics such as:

Team and group dynamics
Employment and equity
Mental health
Interprofessional teamwork
and many more!

Our services 

A catalogue offering you a choice of over 100 “off-the-shelf” live-actor simulations and interactive workshops
Options for creating a custom simulation to meet your organization’s professional development goals
Access to a roster of over 50 skilled actors
STC trainers and facilitators who provide professional support

ISTC 3-step approach to creating a custom workshop with live-actor simulation

Your professional development goals and learning objectives


A customized simulation experience suited to your needs
Workshop content to support your learning outcomes


Highly engaging, realistic and authentic experiential learning
Professional workshop facilitation
Quality, behaviour-based feedback

Brenda Massey-Beauregard, Administrative Coordinator

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